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The Cessna Super Hawk is one of the most technically advanced aircraft of it’s kind. All of the instruments installed

in the Suoer Hawk was performed by Hawk Avionics of Calhoun, GA You can visit them at

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Do you have goals and dreams? What are they? Are you just a big dreamer? Someone who comes up with a lot of ideas that is the “Next big thing” and never act on them or are you the one gets the job done? Tell me your thoughts on this and if you have any tips please share them with Private Pilot Insider.

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I hope you […]


Henderson Aviation’s newest flight instructor, Mo Holcombe, is bringing 25 years of flight experience to his lessons with local aviation enthusiasts.

“I was born looking up,” said Holcombe. “I was always fascinated with airplanes and actually had my head in the clouds looking for all the different types of airplanes.”

Holcombe said that he fulfilled those dreams of aviation when he first began flying in 1985.

“When I was sixteen,” he said, “I went to work, saving every dime from [my] job painting […]


My adventures started just over a year ago when a friend of mine was losing a partner in
a Piper Arrow.  The group of four didn’t want to go to three for cost reasons, so they
were looking for someone interested.  One of the partners is a CFII and agreed to
instruct me at a very reasonable price. Additionally, the group gave me a very attractive
“rental” rate to learn in with the intent that I would buy in after I received my ticket.


In the IFR Proficiency series, titled “Descending on a non precision approach” respected flight instructor Rod Machado explains the benefit of descending to MDA early on non precision approaches. Rod makes the point that getting to the minimum descent altitude (MDA) prior to the visual descent point (VDP) allows the pilot a greater opportunity to see the required visual references during low visibility and therefore a better chance of landing. Rod advocates a dive and drive technique rather than […]


By Bob Martens with Pilot workshops

As we continually build upon the foundation that supports our aviation activities, I fear that many of us are neglecting a very important cornerstone.

The Practical Test Standards (PTS) are the basis for all training and evaluation in the US, yet few know where they are, what they say, or most importantly, how they can save lives.

The great news is that they are readily available FOR FREE, on line, they are very easy to read and […]


American Flyers of Atlanta, GA

For more then 70 years American Flyers has been training men and women from around the country to fly. In one of there 8 locations you are able to complete any course from the private pilot certificate to the Airline Transportation Professional (ATP). If you have always dreamed of a career in aviation but not sure if it’s for you, you can start your journey with an introductory flight. A certified flight instructor will put you […]