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Cessna Super Hawk

Cessna SuperHawk   (Click image to play)

Hawk Aviation was founded from a desire to provide a first class maintenance service. We recognized a deficiency in the corporate and general aviation marketplace, particularly in the field of avionics. We also understood the inherent value in a full-service maintenance company – one that could fulfill all the customer’s needs at one location.

We specialize in troubleshooting and repairing difficult problems in avionics and aircraft systems. We use mil-spec and commercial grade components whenever […]

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IFR Proficiency Series

As you may know, PilotWorkshops IFR Proficiency Series is currently on sale for $100 off – plus free shipping to USA and Canada.

This special holiday offer is available through Saturday, 12/18.

In response to several pilot requests, there are two new features.

1) IFR Proficiency is now WINGS certified so you can get WINGS credit if you participate in that program.

2) You can watch the videos or listen to the audios on your smart

phone: including Android, Windows and iPhones, plus iPad and […]

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A Pastor in need of a Pilot.

Pastor Matt Evans of Dalton, GA is in need of transportation between KDNN – DALTON MUN, GA and KLGA – LA GUARDIA, NY. Pastor Evans wife Beth Evans has a rare blood disease and is currently living in New York awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Pastor Evans needs to be home in Dalton on Thursday for a church service and broadcast for Sunday AM. The Evans has two young boys they adopted this past spring from Ethiopia that he needs […]

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Passenger Brief part 2

     Throughout my training I believe the one thing my instructor imbedded in my head and sometimes on the back of it was air speed, air speed, air speed. Out of all the areas of training I went through I can honestly say I don’t remember very much if any talk of a proper “Passenger Brief”.

     For a passenger who has no or little time in a small aircraft it may prove to be very beneficial to inform them on […]

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Team RV formation clinic.

Free Formation Clinic Offers Structured Training


For most pilots, flying close to another airplane is something to avoid rather than embrace. But when properly taught and methodically learned, formation flying provides pilots another level of achievement with the potential to expand horizons. The North Carolina 2010 Formation Clinic at Rowan County Airport (KRUQ) November 12-14 offers RV pilots the opportunity to learn Formation Flying Inc. (FFI) standards from FFI card holders with hundreds of hours of formation time. The clinic also […]

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