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Which way should you go?

     Grandpa may have told you in the past that the quickest way between two points is a direct line. The route with the least amount of turns can prove to be the fastest. If you are a fan of Nascar you will notice as the drivers round the track they will ride high on the straight away and down low on the turns. In doing this it enables the drivers to take the turns quicker. Turns are a requirement […]

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Practical Test Standards

By Bob Martens with Pilot workshops

As we continually build upon the foundation that supports our aviation activities, I fear that many of us are neglecting a very important cornerstone.

The Practical Test Standards (PTS) are the basis for all training and evaluation in the US, yet few know where they are, what they say, or most importantly, how they can save lives.

The great news is that they are readily available FOR FREE, on line, they are very easy to read and […]

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American Flyers of Atlanta, GA

American Flyers of Atlanta, GA

For more then 70 years American Flyers has been training men and women from around the country to fly. In one of there 8 locations you are able to complete any course from the private pilot certificate to the Airline Transportation Professional (ATP). If you have always dreamed of a career in aviation but not sure if it’s for you, you can start your journey with an introductory flight. A certified flight instructor will put you […]

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