Cessna 172 Passenger Briefing

BY: Blake Crosby of   fly.blakecrosby.com
This document satisfies CAR 602.59
Before passengers are allowed to be carried in an aircraft, a passenger briefing must be performed. This
is the law. It is similar to the ones you see the flight attendants do when you fly in commercial aircraft.
The pilot will go over the passenger briefing with you on the day of the flight. If you have any questions,
that would be the time to ask them.
There is no smoking in or around the aircraft as well as on the tarmac at any time.
First Aid
There is a first aid kit located behind the rear seat. It is either a white box or a red pouch that says “first
aid” on it. Survival equipment will also be located in this area if equipped.
Fire Extinguisher
The fire extinguisher is located between the two front seats, on the floor. Please follow these
instructions if you need to use the extinguisher:
1. Remove the unit from the harness and hold upright. Pull the pin.
2. Aim at the base of the fire and stand back 6 ft (2m)
3. Press the trigger and sweep from side to side at base of fire.
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
The ELT is a device that helps rescue workers find the aircraft quickly if there is an accident. The ELT is
automatically activated and sends GPS co-ordinates to the rescue agency. However, if for some reason
the ELT needs to be activated manually you can do so by flipping the switch up to the “on” position.
Only do so if instructed by the pilot. The pilot will show you where the switch is on the day of the flight.
Emergency Exits
There are three possible escape routes from the aircraft. Please use the following order when trying to
1. Side door. To unlock the door, lift the
latch up and push the door out.
2. Door Windows. To unlock the window,
turn the lock 90 degrees counterclockwise
and open the window.
3. Baggage Compartment. The baggage
compartment door is located behind the
rear seats on the pilot side of the aircraft.
Unlatch the door and push it outwards.
When exiting the aircraft please walk along the tail
to the rear and as far away from the plane as
Seat Belts
The seatbelts are standard 3 point style belts like those in your car. To unlock the belt: lift up
on the buckle and pull the belt out. The pilot will demonstrate how to use the seatbelts on the day of
the flight.
In case of an in-flight emergency, the pilot will give you instructions to follow. It is important that you
understand these instructions. If you are unsure please ask for clarification immediately.
An enjoyable flight is one where you are comfortable. Here are some items to consider when you are
going on a flight:
• There are no bathrooms on the airplane, so be sure to take care of business beforehand.
• If you have a pair of sunglasses, bring them.
• Don’t forget your camera!
• Wear comfortable clothes. The airplane has heat in the winter to keep warm but there is no air
conditioning in the summer time. Please wear closed toe shoes (running shoes are perfect).
During the flight you will be wearing a headset. This headset allows you to talk to other occupants
comfortably and reduces noise from the engine. You will also hear radio communication, don’t worry
they can’t hear what you are saying. The pilot may interrupt your conversation in order to listen to
important information on the radio.
When you speak into the headset microphone you will be able to hear yourself in the headset. If you
cannot, then other occupants cannot hear what you’re saying either. Please adjust the microphone
boom closer to your mouth or speak louder.

The preceding information is intended to used as a guide only. Private Pilot Insider recommends the use of the “Preflight Passenger Brief Cards” that are supplied with the aircraft in which you are flying.