Pilot Profile

Delta Air Lines pilot Jim Tuley

Pilot: Jim Tuley
 Home: Georgia
 Age: 36
 Current position: First officer on the MD88 for Delta Air Lines
Certificates and ratings: ATP multi and commercial single, Instrument rated in both, MEI,CFI, CFII, ATR-42, ATR-72, and DC-9


Jeff Cunningham

Pilot: Jeff Cunningham
Home: Georgia
Current Position: Director of American Flyers of Atl, GA 


Matt Conway, Chief Flight Instructor

Pilot: Matt Conway

Home: Georgia
Current Position: Chief Flight Instructor

Al Hillman

Piper Arrow. Owner Al Hillman

Pilot: Owner: Al Hillman
Home: Florida
Current position:CEO Hillman Motors
Recreational Aircraft owner

Robert Ingles CFII

Pilot: Robert Ingles
Home: Georgia
Current position: CFII

Owner:John Betsill, Paulding County, GA. Aircraft: Grumman AA5 Traveler

Pilot/owner: John Betsill
Airport Support Network Volunteer


Michael Mendenhall

Pilot: Michael Mendehall
Private Pilot
Paulding County, GA
Cessna 150

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