XM satellite for the GTN650

With an optional XM satellite receiver and subscriptions, the Garmin GTN series can display NEXRAD radar, lightning data and other aviations weather information. It can also play satellite radio stations.

For pilots who want a fully integrated solution in a small, 2.64-in.-tall package, the GTN 650 is the perfect choice. The system combines GPS, COMM and NAV functions with powerful multifunction display capabilities like high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, satellite weather, traffic display and much more.

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This is just one of the pieces of equipment you can find in the Super Hawk by Hawk Aviation. For more videos and pictures of the Cessna Super Hawk you visit www.discoveryflyingclub.com 


If you personally own a Garmin GTN 650/750 or have experience with either of them I want to invite you to leave a commit below. Also if you have any question about either feel free to ask that as well.

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Flight Control Problems

The following is a post by Bob Martens of the “Pilot Workshop tip of the week”.

You can get PilotWorkshops Tip of the Week free at http://pilotworkshop.com/tips.htm


Subscriber Question:

“What should you do if you encounter any kind of flight control problem in-flight (aileron, rudder, etc.)?”       Mike R.

“Any flight control issues are VERY serious. Don’t hesitate to declare an emergency with ATC. They can help you a lot!

Ideally, they are discovered on the ground, which leads me to my first key point. Preflight all flight controls as if your life depends upon it! Move all the flight controls through their complete travel looking for binding or other issues. Visually ensure that all are fully secured at their hinge point. Look for evidence of any rubbing or binding on adjacent surfaces. When you perform your flight control check before take off, make sure you take them through their full range of travel and visually check proper response.

If you experience flight control difficulties inflight, you will need to accomplish a controllability check. Hopefully you are at an altitude that gives you some safe margins to operate! If able, climb to a safer altitude. You will need to determine just how much capability you have. As a minimum, you need enough capability to safely put the aircraft on the ground. While ensuring safe margin over stall, slow the aircraft to see how it performs at landing speeds. You might have to carry more airspeed than normal for landing. Not a problem, hopefully you can find a longer runway if necessary. If turning is a problem, you’ll need to set up for a straight in approach and landing. Find out what you have working for you and what you have lost. Once you know this, you can safely formulate a plan for getting the aircraft on the ground.

Find the longest runway in the area, choose an aim point safely down the runway, and control your descent and speed within the parameters you have determined that work.”

Taking an extra few minutes to do a detailed inspection during your preflight can save your life. What may seem to be a small inconsiderate issue that you may choose to over look could cause catastrophic results.  5000′ is not the place to realize you have a problem.

Learn more at the http://pilotworkshop.com/tips.htm

Tommy Eldridge


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Maneuvering Flight

FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education
The Do’s and Don’ts of Maneuvering Flight

Notice Number: NOTC2999

Nearly one-third of all fatal accidents occur during maneuvering flight, in part because maneuvering at low altitude limits the amount of time a pilot has to recover. Maneuvering flight is basically any type of flying performed close to the ground — even the traffic pattern is considered maneuvering!

Do’s and Don’ts that can help keep you safe.


• Do remember that the majority of fatal stall/spin accidents occur at low altitudes, because the closer you are to the ground the less time you will have for a successful recovery.
• Do practice stalls or approaches to stalls at a safe altitude. If you’re rusty take a CFI with you.
• Do fly at a safe altitude so that you won’t be surprised by obstacles that may require abrupt maneuvers to avoid.
• Do remember that turns and sudden climbs increase the wing loading which will increase the stall speed, sometimes dramatically.

• Don’t explore the flight envelope close to the ground.
• Don’t exceed 30 degrees of bank in the traffic pattern.
• Don’t buzz or otherwise show off with an aircraft. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but your pilot certificate too. The FAA gets lots of complaints that include cell phone pictures and videos.
• Don’t attempt maneuvers for which you have not been trained. Get an Instructor on board the first time!
Want to know more? Go to the Courses page on www.FAASafety.gov and look for Course ALC-34, Maneuvering: Approach and Landing
This notice is being sent to you because you selected “General Information” in your preferences on FAASafety.gov. If you wish to adjust your selections, log into https://www.faasafety.gov/Users/pub/preferences.aspx where you can update your preferences.

Over 136,600 pilots earned WINGS credits last year. Will you, this year?

Material of FAASafety.gov

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Flying The Piper Arrow.

I had an awesome opportunity to go flying with my long time friend Al Hillman of Hillman Motors in Winter Haven, FL. Al Hillman, a successful business man in the automotive sales industry is also a successful private pilot. Acquiring his pilot licences almost 10 years ago Al enjoys the freedom of just a short hop to the Florida Keys or even a little east to the Bahamas.

Thank you for watching as Al and I enjoyed a short afternoon flight over the waters of Winter Haven, FL. I want to invite you to leave a comment below.

Tommy Eldridge

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SouthWest Airlines Pre-Flight Passenger Brief.

I think I going to hire this guy to do the pre-flight passenger briefing on our airplane.

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IFly 700 GPS Customer Review

The iFly 700™ by Adventure Pilot ™ is the most affordable, 7´´touch screen moving-map GPS. Designed for private pilots, by private pilots; the new iFly 700™ GPS is the perfect combination of affordability, capability, and usability. You can never be too safe in the air and the IFly 700 GPS is a must have tool to keep you flying. Click HERE and purchase your very own IFly 700 GPS. Ordering is easy and shipping is quick. Also check out the additional accessories available for the I Fly 700. Order yours today.

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IFly 700 GPS customer review

By: Tommy Eldridge

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Too young or Too old?

This week I have been at the hospital with my ageing father
whom is having a rough time with his health. I was called very early now 5 days
ago and had to rush to his bed side. I am very pleased however to be able to
announce that today his condition is improving rather quickly. As I and some
other family members sat, waiting for results we could not help but noticed how
young most all of the medical staff appeared to be. I’m not sure if it was
because they were actually young or if it’s just the fact that I’m getting
older and everyone appears to be younger.

As I dwelt upon our thoughts I was reminded of a conversation I overheard between a couple of
pilots. The topic was on their fear of ageing pilots in the cockpit and their
possible lack of ability to perform as Pilot in Command of an aircraft. The
argument between the two young pilots was as we grow older our reflects could
tend to slow down which in turn could cause a slower response in a rapidly
changing environment. My thoughts were why does a doctor have to be old and a
pilot have to be young?

As far as the doctor goes I lean back to the thought that
it’s just due to the fact that I’m getting older. On the other topic however, I
have to be honest and say that at one point in time  I would have
sided with the two young pilots. That’s not so much the case anymore. I have
watched and even had the opportunity to fly as first officer with some 20K +
hour pilots. I guess I can’t very well speak for all but as for the pilots I have flown
with all I can say is WOW. One opportunity I had was with a 20K + hour pilot
which is a former Delta airlines captain among various positions and is still
an active A&P inspector. We flew a piper Cherokee and he scared me to death
when he asked me how to start it. I later come to find out he was just pulling
my chain. When this veteran pilot buckled in, he strapped that airplane on and
it became an extension of his body. That airplane obeyed his every command.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking for every older
pilot that may step into the right seat. Heck, I have seen some pilots who don’t
even need to be at the airport. The truth is I can show you both young and old
doctors and pilots that are masters of their fields.  What is the key? Well I feel it’s where your
heart is. That’s just my thoughts.


What are your thoughts? Leave me a note
below. What do you think KEEPS a pilot flying in their golden years?


Tommy Eldridge


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IFly 700 GPS



Private Pilot Insider is happy to announce that we are now offering the IFly 700 GPS for sale online at www.ifly700.com The best mobile aviation GPS around. All touch screen over laid on FAA sectional maps.


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Porsche Aircraft Experience

WOW! What a day it was at the Porsche Aircraft Experience this year at Peachtree Dekalb Airport (KPDK) in Atlanta, GA. I was there with the Super Hawk as a static display. Sean Hachem with Hawk Avionic and Mo Holcombe with Discovery Flying Club was also on hand as many interested spectators poked their heads in the door to view all the Super Hawk had to offer.

This year the Super Hawk sported it’s new Garmin GTN650. I am truly amazed at what Garmin has done with this new unit. With little pre-training I was able to pick right up on and use the GTN 650 like it had always been there.


For more information on the Super Hawk or any of it’s equipment feel free to contact me at tommy@priavtepilotinsider.com.

Also on hand was some of the coolest jets around. Some of them included Cessna with the Mustang, CJ3, the 400 and Sky Catcher. I was also able to tour and just for a moment sit left seat of a Gulf Stream G3.  

Now that’s arriving in style!

Some of the other aircraft’s represented included Pilatus PC-12, King Air and Daher-Socata.

I  must say however I was most impressed with the Total Eclipse Jet. I had the opportunity to talk with Rich Hayes the business development officer for the Atlanta, GA division of North American Jet Charter about the Total Eclipse.

With a 41,000′ ceiling and a range of over 1100 miles this single pilot jet proves to be both luxurious and efficient.

Rich Hayes and North American Jet Charter are currently operating in several location across the USA and in the process of opening a new division at my home airport, Cobb county Georgia’s own McCollum field KRYY.

Of course I can’t forget the 4 wheel beauties that was present as well. Unfortunately I was unable take the time to drive any of the Porsche’s that was on hand but I did sneak the opportunity to see how a few of them fit me.

It sure was hard to keep my focus on the task at hand with so much style, power and craftsmanship. Sitting in the seat of the Boxster S I could just feel all it had to offer without even moving. From the way the seat wrapped around me to the details of it’s instrument panel it’s not hard to see all the perfection these cars had to offer.



As I departed KPDK that day avoiding the wake turbulence of a G5 departing on a parallel runway I had to say it was a great day. The event was organized very well. As nice as the cars was I still lean toward the air. The left seat of the Boxster S compared to the left seat of the Gulf Stream G3………I’ll take the G3. No brainer , huh!

Thank you,

Tommy Eldridge




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Porsche Aircraft Experience

For all of you that live in the Atlanta, GA area, come out and visit me this Friday May 6th at Peachtree Dekalb Airport (PDK). I will be there along with the “SuperHawk” in a static display at the Porsche Aircraft Experience. You will be able to meet Sean Hachem with Hawk Avionics and Mo Holcombe with AV8Rtraining.com
On Friday May 6th, 2011, Epps Aviation at Peachtree Dekalb Airport is hosting the 2011 Porsche Aircraft Experience from 10 am to 4 pm.
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