Harrison Ford “Just Another Pilot”

This is a pretty awesome video I ran across. Just wanted to share. Harrison Ford in “Just another Pilot”

Thanks for watching,
Tommy Eldridge
Private Pilot Insider

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IFly 700 GPS seminar

Adventure Pilots IFLY700 & IFLY720 aviation GPS


Come out and Join myself and Mike Mendenhall, both with the Adventure Pilots IFLY 700 and the new IFLY 720 aviation GPS on Saturday the 23rd at the Paulding Northwest Atlanta airport (KPUJ) in Dallas, GA. We will begin with burgers and dogs hot off the grill at 11:00 (compliments of the Paulding Jet Center) followed up by a presentation of the Adventure Pilots IFLY aviation GPS by Mike Mendenhall at 12:00.



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The Paulding Jet Center

KPUJ pic




Located at the Paulding Northwest Atlanta airport (KPUJ)
Starting February 23rd 2013 the Paulding Jet Center will be hosting monthly cookouts which will also include an aviation seminar and/or aviation related product presentation. At the first meet up in February, Private pilot Michael Mendenhall of Dallas, GA will be demonstrating the New IFLY 720 GPS by Adventure Pilot.

The Paulding Jet Center, a full-service Fixed Base Operator, is owned by Ed maxwell and operated by Joe Sarber. It is located within the Paulding Northwest Atlanta airport in Dallas, GA, a jet capable airport. The centerpiece of the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport is its 23,000 square-foot, state of the art terminal building. The interior of the new terminal building is extremely unique for a building of its type, with natural stone and wood accents that truly enhance the facility’s modern appearance. Paulding Jet Center’s fueling facilities are capable of servicing several business jets simultaneously, and all of the amenities that pilots and passengers have come to expect, including Wi-Fi, electronic weather access, meeting areas and pilot rest areas are available throughout the spacious terminal building of the FBO.

Now back to the pilot events: as I mentioned, The Paulding Jet Center, beginning February 23, 2013 will be hosting a fly-in / drive-in pilot cookout. If your anything like me then you just can’t wait on spring or more less summer to get here to enjoy the company of fellow pilots so plan now to attend. In some of the future events you will enjoy safety meetings by AOPA, training by certified flight instructors, product presentations and demonstrations by local authorized repair stations and that’s just the beginning. We are always open to new topic ideas so if you have one please share.

See you Saturday 23, 2013 at the Paulding Jet Center.

For more information contact Tommy Eldridge / Private Pilot Insider @ 404-642-5306 or Joe Sarber / The Paulding Jet Center 678-384-8510.

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Salute America 2012 update

The Paulding North West Atlanta Air Show


General Admission Parking

On-site paid parking is available at the Paulding-Northwest Atlanta Airport for guests. Parking cost is $10.00 per car/truck; there is no RV/Bus parking available on site. The number of parking spaces on-site is limited and is offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Shuttle Buses will run continuously from the designated parking areas to the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport. Bus service begins at 9:00 AM and runs through 5:30 PM, or until all guests have been returned to the parking lots.

Those guests requiring special assistance may park at the Paulding County Senior Center (Cars must display a Handicap Hang Tag or License plates). There will be ADA accessible buses available to shuttle guests from the Paulding County Senior Center to the Air Show.
The address for the Paulding County Senior Center is:

Paulding County Senior Center
54 Industrial Way North
Dallas, GA 30132

Salute America 2012 Air Show parking lots will be opened on a scheduled basis. The primary parking lots will be opened at 8:00 AM. The primary parking lots and addresses are listed below:

Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport
570 Airport Parkway
Dallas GA 30132

Poole Elementary School
1002 Wayside Lane
Dallas, GA 30132

Paulding County Government Complex
240 Constitution Boulevard
Dallas GA 30132

Once the primary parking lots are completely occupied, the secondary parking lots will be opened. The secondary parking lots and addresses are listed below:

Chattahoochee Technical College
400 Nathan Dean Boulevard
Dallas GA 30132

Chattahoochee Technical College
300 Nathan Dean Boulevard
Dallas GA 30132

Paulding County Chamber of Commerce
451 Jimmy Campbell Parkway
Dallas GA 30132

Paulding County Park and Ride lot
Adjacent to 169 Thomas Murphy Drive
Dallas GA 30132

Once the secondary lots are completely occupied, the contingency parking lots will be opened. The contingency parking lots and addresses are listed below, and the parking lots will be opened in the following order:

Oasis Church
210 Paulding Lane
Dallas GA 30132

103/105 Village Walk
105 Village Walk
Dallas GA 30132

Simmons Engineering
91 Simmons Industrial Place
Dallas GA 30132

Bagby Property
336 Bagby Path
Dallas, GA 30132

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The Paulding North West Atlanta airport Salute America 2012 air show

Salute America 2012 air show

Salute America 2012 air show

Air shows offer specifically unique, world-class, family entertainment, at affordable prices! From the earliest barnstormers of the 1920s and 1930s to today’s highly professional aerobatic experts, air show pilots have demonstrated that the public’s interest in aviation entertainment is not a fad. Year-in and year-out for more than 100 years, air shows have been among North America’s largest spectator events.

Salute America 2012 is presented by the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (PUJ). This airport of the future is the first jet-capable airport to be built in Georgia in over thirty years. Its design was created to provide a foundation for the growth in aviation and industry in Paulding County.

We are so excited to have this high flying act coming to our air show Salute America.  Team Aeroshellhas been performing all over North America for over twenty years.  They have won professional awards in all the major air shows and are widely recognized as one of the best performing groups in the entire industry.

The Rower air show is one of the most exciting Stearman air shows on the circuit today.  Gary Rower displays the power and beauty of this vintage aircraft.  Spectators have described it as “ballet in the air”.  Gary, a former USAF F-16 pilot trainer, has accumulated over 18,000 hours of flying time all over the world in a vast variety of planes.  His love for flying and talent for aerobatics is unmistakeable in his remarkable performance.

Visit the official Salute America 2012 air show web page at www.pauldingairshow.net

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Private Pilot Insider Frosted Mug


Frosted Glass Mug

This brilliant custom Private Pilot Insider drinking mug is designed and posted by a creative Seller called JFVisualMedia. Our custom mugs make great presents for all of your  relatives and friends. You will find this designer’s stunning “Private Pilot Insider” mug in JFVisualMedia’s shop with many more amazingly creative customized designs created online in the marketplace at Zazzle.

The most superior private pilot gift for anyone you can think of, this personalized Private Pilot Insider drink ware will look positively impressive in your aviation collection. Made for printing in a countless number of colors, Zazzle’s Private Pilot Insider mugs are very sturdy, so you can reuse them every day. After it’s made, this Zazzle Seller’s stunning personalized drinkware will definitely become a favorite piece in your aviation selection of mugs.



Thank you,

Tommy Eldridge 

Private Pilot Insider


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Personally designed aviation mugs

If there is one thing pilots like to do more than flying that would be talking about it. If you walk into any FBO or drive through your local airport you might see a couple of old pilots sitting around engaged in a round of hanger flying. Beyond actually flying or bragging about it you can also spot an aviation enthusiast by the “I’d rather be flying” tag, a “Piper” hat or maybe sporting a leather flight jacket. I have a Delta pilot friend who gave me the grand tour of his aviation memorabilities which he has collected over the many years of his career. A personalized item for a pilot adds a sense of connection when we can’t be at the airport.

Recently I was contacted by a Joe Frey at www.zazzle.com which makes custom design products from mugs to shirts to business cards. Now I get a lot of different offers sent to Private Pilot through mail, e-mail or on our Face Book page but, I have to say the design on the coffee cup that Joe forwarded me really caught my eye.

You can get a custom design mug with your name and/or aircraft tail number for as little as $15.95 and stainless travel mugs for as low as $22.20. My personal favorite is the 16oz Frosted Glass mug.  Zazzle.com has personally designed one of these mugs with our logo for Private Pilot Insider.

Zazzle is not limited to aviation, they have  gifts for all of your any occasions. You can find personal items for your pet, shirts for your kids, calenders for the office or a new case for your IPhone.

For more information and products, visit www.zazzle.com or contact Joe Frey with your questions. For this page click “Send Message” on left column to contact Joe directly.

Also, I want to hear your feed back on the new Private Pilot Insider Mug and if you see something you like at Zazzle.com don’t forget to mention Private Pilot Insider when you place your order.

Thank you for visiting,

Tommy Eldridge

Private Pilot Inisder


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The New iFly 720

The New iFly 720                                                   


Setting New Standards in Navigation!

The new iFly 720 builds on the popular features from the iFly 700 moving map GPS. Each iFly is a robust dedicated aviation GPS built for the harsh elements that come with flying. Superior reception and extreme operating temperature ranges a pilots needs at a fraction of the competition’s price—even the updates are affordable.

Sunlight Readability
Sunny days are no issue with the iFly 720. Perfect for those bright open cockpits.  Enjoy more flight time—this advanced sunlight readable GPS won’t break the bank!

Automatic Wi-Fi Updating 
Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to enjoy fast and easy automatic data updates. You can even create preferences for quick updates when you’re in a rush. Keep up to date without cables. The iFly is unleashed!

iFly Streets™ is Included
Now you can go straight from the runway to the highway with iFly Streets™, a full-featured road navigation GPS. Detailed voice-guided directions, 3D visuals including Lane Guidance, Street Signs, Buildings and Landmarks make any trip a Sunday afternoon drive.  Get details on Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations with “Find a Place”. Travel with confidence!

More Advanced Features
The iFly 720 outperforms the competition with a faster dual-core processor and memory. No need for any memory shuffling on the iFly 720.  An advanced power circuitry ensures clean power for the ultimate safety and stability.

What’s in the Box:

  • iFly 720 GPS loaded with VFR/IFR Datat
  • Soft Case
  • AC power adapter
  • DC power adapter (cigarette-lighter style)
  • Multi-point articulating suction mount
  • Remote control
  • Free VFR/IFR Data Subscription for 2 months.

    (This subscription will allow you to keep all elements of your iFly up to date.  This includes Sectionals, TAC charts, Low Enroute Charts, Plates, Software, TFRs, Metars, AFD Databases, etc.)

Note:  When data on your iFly expires, you will use a Wi-Fi Internet connection or a USB Flash Drive to perform an update. If you do not have a 1gb or larger flash drive, you will need to purchase one (we have them on this online store, or you can pick one up from any electronics retail shop). You may review our FAQ for more information on updating the iFly.  


Dimensions: 7.25” x 4.5” x 0.75”
Screen Resolution: 800 x 480
Current Draw: 600mA @ 12V
Weight: 12 ounces
LCD Size: 7.0 inch
Power Requirement: DC 12V~28V
GPS Type: SiRF Star – III
Operating Temperature: 14°F to 140°F
Storage Temperature: -4°F to 176°F







You can now order your IFly 720 GPS from us, have it shipped directly to your home and be flying safer in no time at all.

For more information or to purchase your own IFly 720 GPS contact us at:

Tommy Eldridge @ 404-642-5306 or  e-mail at  tommy@privatepilotinsider.com

Michael Mendenhall @ 678-733-0148 or e-mail at mike@privatepilotinsider.com






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Aviation Moving Map GPS

What’s being said about the iFly 700?


Another avionics gadget generating major buzz is the iFly 700 from Adventure Pilot. What would you pay for a seven-inch touch-screen-display GPS that overlays course lines, does flight planning and presents vital navigational info—all on top of an official full-color, high-resolution FAA sectional display?

What if it also came loaded with IFR low en route charts? And gave you constantly updated airspeed, track and altitude readouts? Imagine tapping airport icons to see course lines drawn to them, with pop-up menus to choose them as waypoints or destinations, or show you complete AFD airport info. Scroll through the sectional by dragging a fingertip on the display, tap to switch to another sectional and drag a route line to avoid a TFR—so intuitive, so easy in flight.

The software whizbrains behind this wonder have done complex programming for years for companies like Orbitz. The product will mature rapidly with updates and enhancements (WX & ADS-B support coming), and user feedback is enthusiastically sought. Toss in a $69/year subscription for all updates. Now what’s that worth to you? $549? Deal! Visit www.ifly700.com.



AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association


iFly 700


Who: Adventure Pilot iFly 700
What: Moving map GPS
Where: www.iFly700.com
Why: A handheld GPS doesn’t have to break the bank
Cost: $549 plus $69 a year in chart updates


  • Inexpensive
  • Great display
  • Easy user interface

Believe it or not, there are options out there for a handheld GPS with full functionality for less than $600. The iFly 700 from Adventure Pilot is a great example.


Featuring a seven-inch touch-screen display, a full suite of approach plates, and IFR and VFR charts, the iFly 700 is a robust package for a great price. Route planning is quick and easy, and the screen is very responsive. Buttons on the main map page take you anywhere you want to go in the unit, and the menu system is logical and well organized.


We tested the iFly 700 on a sunny day in a Diamond DA40, reasoning that if glare ever was going to be an issue, that would have been the day. But the iFly 700 performed well. The display shows the actual sectional or en route chart, which makes it easy to follow along. The history of the airplane’s ground track was shown automatically, a great flight-training tool.


The iFly 700 comes with a large suction-cup mounting bracket or an optional yoke mount



The IFly 700 GPS

The most affordable – full featured aviation (and now automotive) GPS available

Private Pilot Insider is proud to announce that we are now distributors of the I Fly 700 GPS by Adventure Pilot.

The iFly 700™ by Adventure Pilot ™ is the most affordable, 7´´touch screen moving-map GPS. Designed for private pilots, by private pilots; the new iFly 700™ GPS is the perfect combination of affordability, capability, and usability.


For more information or to order an IFLY 700 GPS Call or e-mail

Tommy Eldridge @ 404-642-5306 or e-mail at tommy@privatepilotinsider.com

Michael Mendenhall @ 678-733-0148 or e-mail at mike@privatepilotinsider.com


IFly 700 GPS Flight Planning

One-touch “Direct-to” flight planning

  • Supports multi-leg flight plans
  • Rubber-band route line modifications (touch & drag a route line to make a change)
  • Save/Load/Reverse flight plans
  • Flight plan automatically saved/restored between power cycles. So you can plan your flight at home, turn off the device, take it to your plane, plug it in, and your flight plan and map is all ready-to-go
  • Bright magenta route lines
  • Ability to search for airports by code, airport name, or city name


I Fly 700 GPS Detailed Airport Information

Search for nearby airports

  • Geo-data
  • Public/private
  • Attendance schedule
  • Common, ATC, and other communication frequencies
  • Runway(s) type, condition, lighting, gradient, markings, etc
  • Traffic patterns
  • Available IFR equipment
  • Obstructions
  • Any additional FAA remarks

IFly 700 GPS Exhaustive FAA Charts

I Fly 700 GPS Includes all STAR, Approach and Departure Charts

  • Includes airport taxi diagrams, FAA Charts
  • “History” button allows toggling between the maps and recently viewed plates
  • Touch-sensitive panning and zooming
  • Easy to update charts through the website


I Fly 700 GPs Intuitive Interface

UI designed the way you think, very easy to figure out

  • Buttons fade away when not in use, maximizing map visibility
  • Plug & fly (Fast boot, quick GPS sync)
  • Big buttons throughout, making it easy to use even in the bumpy flights
  • Zoom levels from 2 to 100 NM per inch
  • Clear warnings if any sectionals are expired
  • Touch-n-drag scrolling
  • Single-touch to zoom in/out
  • Single-touch to re-center & track current location
  • Single-touch to switch which sectional is being displayed


The IFly 700 offers much, much more!  Contact Private Pilot insider for a hands-on demonstration.

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Aviation Instrument Panel Placards

The following video is a demonstration of the designing and cutting of an aviation instrument panel placard by Sean Hachem of Hawk Aviation Maintenance in Calhoun, Georgia.

The machine is now prepared. The rotor is removed and the engraver is installed and adjusted.

The placards are first designed on the computer.

Once the machine and placard design is complete the cutting begins.

Water is applied to keep both the engraver bit and the placard material cool.

Cincopa WordPress plugin


The Placard lettering will be cut first.

The progress can be followed on the computer screen.

Once the lettering is cut out the machine is now ready to cut the outer edges of the instrument placards.

After all cutting is complete any rough edges are smoothed with a file.

The edges are further smoothed with a razor knife.

After the edges are complete the letters will now be filled in with a paint stick.

The excess paint will be removed.

This is the finished product.

For more information on custom cut aviation instrument placards or for ordering information visit Hawk Aviation Maintenance at www.hawkav.com or call Sean Hachem at area code 706-659-4254.

Tommy Eldridge

Private Pilot Insider

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